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What could a Generosity Team do for your church?

Build a team without flying blind and ignite a generosity movement.  

  • 5 individual profiles so you can take your team to the next level.
  • Step-by-step tips to make recruitig easier and faster.
  • Time-saving ideas you can use today.

Multiply your time and increase your ministry impact.

Get the right people.

Help them win.

Tell the stories of changed lives.

This quick and practical PDF will show you:  

  • How to realize the vision for your church through an empowered team 
  • Common pitfalls to avoid when recruiting and leading 
  • Transforming mindsets from tithes as church revenue to healthy and generous hearts and minds
  • Three primary purposes of the team and how to stay lazer-focused
  • What kind of people to recruit and how to get the right chemistry
  • The undeniable, proven impact of individual stories of impact (and how to avoid one common mistake)
  • Action steps for recruiting, leading, and empowering your most important asset: your people 

"86% cite lack of collaboration or ineffective communication for failures." (Salesforce engagement research) 

Build a foundation for seasons of growth.

Money is a team sport. You can win.

Transform your budget approach.

Bonus! Includes copy-and-paste volunteer job descriptions to adapt to your context.

“It’s not enough to get everyone dialed in on the same goal. You also have to make sure that everyone understands the route they’re supposed to take, the pace, and any special rules of the road.” 

Larry Osborne, Sticky Teams

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Hey there, We created this resource to help leaders increase capacity and experience more joy in ministry. May you find this to be insanely helpful as you seek the adventure of building a team and igniting a movement in your community.  

You got this! Let us know how it goes.

Tim Schuster | Creator, Six Weeks on Money  

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